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for doctors, pharmacists and patients.

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The problems

  • Every day, patients endure long wait times to see their doctors for medication refills or pay high fees for a refill without a visit.
  • Doctors and their staff are spending extraneous time requesting and authorizing medication refills by phone or fax.
  • Pharmacists are forced to play phone or fax "tag" with doctors' offices to clarify handwriting, dosage changes, and prescription duplications.
  • Every day, prescription forgery and fraud are all-too-easy with the use of prescription pads and publicly available physician directories.




  1. Easy: no line-ups, waits for appointments, piles of faxes, phone tag, waste of personnel and stationery resources.
  2. Fast: instant transmission to intended recipient, 2-click authorization, cost-effective.
  3. Secure: avoid illegible prescriptions and faxes, prescription fraud, fax number errors, "black hole" faxes.
  4. Added value: communication capabilities MD pharmacy patient.

What is is a web-based application, as well as a mobile app that allows any MD to send prescriptions to a pharmacy in a snap

  • Web: no application download necessary, just go to a specific website address and start using our secure messaging application.
  • Responsive: Whether you use a desktop, laptop, smart phone or tablet, our application works on every device.
  • Hybrid: if you're a heavy user, and want a dedicated app for your iOS, Android or Blackberry device, we have you covered.
  • Old system: if you still use an older Windows XP machine, our platform would still work with your legacy infrastructure.

Screenshot of the app

How does it work?

1- Snap a photo

The MD logs into and snaps a photo of their prescription using the app on their smartphone (or uploads a scan of the app)

2- Send

The MD enters basic information to confirm and authorize the prescription or make changes, message the pharmacy or provide further instructions

3- Done

The pharmacy will securely and instantly receive the approved prescription, and be able to notify the patient about the availability of their medication for pick-up

Get notified when we launch