miCV is a platform similar to LinkedIn but build with blockchain. It allows an employer to be 100% sure that the candidate has all the degree and experience he pretends to have.


The Problem

All entities, companies and Institutions, have needs to hire new employees, due to changes in the roles or due to new roles.

The process of hiring still depend on receiving and evaluating resumes as a recruitment process.

According to a UK Higher Education Degree Datacheck (HEDD) survey on graduate data fraud, around 33% of graduates or job seekers falsify important information on their CVs every year.

Amongst the culprits, 40% exaggerate their academic qualifications, while 11% make up a degree altogether.

It's estimated that 46% of resumes include at least one discrepancy between the information provided by the applicant and what the employer turns up during a background check.

A shocking 95% of college students say they would lie if it meant gaining employment. Even worse, 41% admitted to having done so in the past.


We want to solve the problem of false resume, misleading information on people resume.

We want to bring blockchain technology to the human resources industry to increase transparency and in turn address fraud in HR credentials.

With blockchain technology, an institution can issue a degree to a student in a cryptographically secure, immutable, public fashion.

That way, we are making that on our platform, a candidate will not be able to exaggerate or lie on his resume.


miCV is a new upcoming technology platform that is based on blockchain.

Our platform will manage all the stakeholder.

Our platform will connect entities, companies, universities, schools, and verify that a job-applicant resume and job experience is truly certified by the proper authority.

With miCV, you can make be safe that the candidate has the right degree and job-experience.


A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers in a cryptographic manner.

By storing data across its network, the blockchain eliminates the risks that come with data being held centrally.

Using cryptographic system, make it safe from alteration of the data.

We are using blockchain as a mean to provide verifiable information on a candidate's educational history and qualifications. This will reduce the risk of fraud while eliminating the need for applicants to provide official transcripts.


We are looking to partner with any organization to build this eco-system

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