Easily share your location with your friends

The Problem:

  • Did someone ever asked you where you are?
  • You friends cannot find you while being at a concert?
  • How do I explain my family about our exact camp location in the mountain?

FiNDMe is the solution to this problem

FiNDMe accurately share your location with your friends, family and people you know... in total security and respect of your privacy.

FiNDMe helps your friends, family members and people you know to easily find where you are without asking you.

What is it?

Mobile App

FiNDMe is a mobile app that works directly from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Microsoft phone.

Web App

If you don't want to download the mobile app, you can use the application simply by using this web-application.

Share your Location

It sole purpose is to share your FiNDMe with your friends, using the GPS capabilities of your Smartphone.

How does it work?

1- login

Open the app on your phone and login to your account.

2- Share your location

The app will ask for your permission to access your GPS, so it can collect your GPS coordinates.

3- select your friends

From the pre-enter list of your friends, select the one you want to share your location with.

4- frequency update

To preserve the battery from your device, define how often your position should be updated.

5- timeframe

Decide when the system should stop collecting your location information.

6- inform

Inform your friends that they can follow your position via our website.




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